Break away: accept fear as it is

Last year on this date I signed the letter to give up on the job that I had for more than 8 years. In these years I did so many great things. When I collected the highest possible award, that the Vice President of the company handed over to me in Chicago, I realised this is it. But still it took me one hell of a step to break loose from the unsatisfied feeling I had from that moment on. Was this all I could? I felt stuck. Fear was winning it. But everything inside me knew that I could do more. My role was not a challenge anymore. My energy was not flowing anymore. The fire and the fear were having a battle inside me. It was driving me crazy. What to do. I was sitting on the teeter-totter.

Now 1 year later and 2 companies further I found my foundation. A management team that share the same thought on how I am looking at things. They let me be. They give me the safe feeling I somewhat still need. But freedom is close by. Fear is moving to the background. Sometimes it suddenly is there but that is something I can learn to accept (with a little help from my friend Emmy who gave me an astrological reading).
Fear was the one that helped me for years and look where it got me. I am so happy today. I took a risk in not knowing where it would lead me but I found something better for me to evolve.

That is my mission at this moment: take the stage that is given to me. Expand. Break free. Live with love. And teach everyone how to do this who is struggling with the same.

I always wanted people to see me who I really am. Even though I did not know how to be me until I switched seats and became the driver instead of the passenger. Suddenly people came to me, wanted to be coached by me, joined my network and wanted to work with me. I learned to overcome my negative thoughts and to listen more to my intuition. It is getting stronger and stronger and I know it is leading me somewhere.

For a week back I switched cd’s in my car from summer hits 2007 to Alter Bridge. Suddenly it popped up. Yeah, weird but I just go with the flow. One song got stuck on in my head. The song with the text:

We will make a brand new start
From the pieces torn apart
The break of day is before us

Cast your sorrows to the wind
Let the highway take us in
As we escape the disorder

It hit me hard. And somehow I heard in it “break away”… but it’s “We’ll make our way”. Sometimes I hear things in songs that are or aren’t there. Like that I hear what I want to hear or where I am ready for to hear in a way that it guids me towards the next step. And so this song also did. I decided to sign up for a Master Class of Gabby Bernstein. She is my example of how to stand (up) for a better world and share what we know that leads to more love, peace, purity, power and happiness. This will be my first step from my foundation towards something beautiful, I’m sure of that.

With love,

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