Who are you?

Who are you?

Who do you want to be?

Are you seen different or not seen at all?

I had no idea that I was the captain of the my ship in health and happiness. I hadn’t learned that at home nor school. Nobody has that instruction. You have to figure it out by yourself. That’s called awareness in your doing and the way you act or feel. And if you are conscious of life itself and your role and of the people in it, you live on a higher frequency.

It is scary..I can tell you that. You walk through valley’s, dark woods, over mountains and think you are all alone. Well guess what, you aren’t. Not at that moment, yes you are alone there, but many people go through the same. It is arrogant to think you are the only one in this. But situations occur to awaken you. To awaken your state of mind. On soul level we are all the same.

So, who are you really?

Are you you, who you were thought to be? By your own experience (story), how you were raised, your consciousness that came along while growing up, your habbits, your work, your friends? Or are you who you choose to be? Who you were by birth? The child with fire inside, with ultimate joy, purity and happiness?

Who’s life will you be living?

With love,

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